Town-planning activity

The key stage in the implementation of the investment project in construction is the selection and comprehensive analysis of the land.


The company "Union" collects the primary information of the urban planning and technical plan, as well as organizes the process of marketing assessment of the potential of the land. Based on the initial analysis, an economic model of the future project is formed. In the case of a positive decision on joining the project, the development and approval of the urban planning concept is carried out. Typical elements of the urban planning concept are proposals for the development of a land plot, taking into account:

  • Master plan of the city;
  • Rules of land use and development;
  • The legal status of the land;
  • Sanitary protection zones of enterprises;
  • Security zones of engineering facilities;
  • Objects of cultural heritage, other protected areas, etc .;
  • Other restrictions, including special zones;
  • Calculation of TEP (technical and economic indicators).

The result of the development of the urban planning concept is the album of the Architectural and urban planning solution, which reflects all the design elements agreed upon in the technical task. This album is intended to justify the Customer’s proposals for the development of the territory, taking into account the current urban planning situation.


Based on the agreed urban development concept, the project is submitted for consideration by the urban development - land commission (GZK) of Moscow, followed by a decision on its approval and receipt of the GPZU. If necessary, Territory Planning Projects (TSPs) are developed with subsequent approval.


Within the framework of the above services, the Customer receives an investment project ready for implementation for the following stages: design and construction.


Collection of initial permits for design;
Conducting comprehensive surveys;
Development of the stage "P" and "RD";
Author's supervision;
Coordination of project documentation in supervisory authorities, resource supplying and operating companies;
Passing project expertise;

Project Management, Technical Customer

  • Preparation of plans and project implementation schedules;
  • Organization of development of a marketing strategy for the implementation of the project;
  • Preparation of a feasibility study for the project, financial and budget modeling;
  • Development of urban development potential of the future facility. Determination of the TEP of the project;
  • Development and coordination of AGR;
  • Collection of initial permits, technical specifications;
  • Conclusion of contracts for technological connection of the facility;
  • Organization and holding of tenders to attract performers;
  • Control over the technical part of contractual agreements, control over the performance by contractors of contractual obligations;
  • Technical supervision of construction;
  • Control of current costs, cost management, activation of work performed;
  • General coordination of the project participants;
  • Document management for the project;
  • Representation of the interests of the Developer (Investor) at all stages of the project;
  • Commissioning of the facility.

Union company has a staff of specialists capable of performing the function of General Contractor, and also has the necessary SRO approvals for research, design and construction. The group includes the company "VysotSpetsStroy"

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