My personal reflection

Leap from an unforgettable past to a promising future. Modern intelligent architecture in historical scenery. The house where my new life begins. Where people of my circle and my interests live. My house. My reflection.

My home is my reflection

My home is my reflection

Home as a reflection of changes in my life

a reflection of myself.

New me.

The house as a reflection of the district, its history, its spirit.

Creative and intelligent.

Home, as a reflection of the fate of those who lived here before me.

Home as a reflection of my surroundings.

The same reasonable, cultural,

in all respects pleasant people of my level.

Home as a reflection of the future.

Those beautiful things

who are waiting for me ahead

project description

project description

From the point of view of the spatial and planning organization, the projected object is a 10-storey building, a cruciform in plan with a corridor system for the placement of premises.

From the point of view of functional organization, the projected object is a hotel complex with an underground car park. The main technical premises of the facility and a parking lot for 45 cars are located on the -1th floor. The reception and lobby group of the hotel, Sunday school, restaurant, office block and shop are located on the 1st floor. Hotel rooms are located on floors 2 through 10 inclusive. Communication between floors is carried out by means of 4 elevators, one of which corresponds to an elevator for moving fire departments with a cabin depth of 2.1 m. This elevator has the ability to descend to the hotel's underground parking.

project description

The building has a ventilated facade system with cladding “Cembrit” fiber cement panels. The first floor is lined with HPL Parplex panels, which gives the appearance of the building additional variety and expressiveness.

The first floor of the building has a large area of ​​external glazing due to stained glass structures over the entire height of the floor.

The interiors of the common areas of the hotel are made according to a separate design project. Each floor has its own color solution. The decoration is applied on the “Kuboto” designer ceilings, chrome portals of the elevator halls framing.

The building has a set of modern energy-efficient internal engineering systems that allow you to operate the building with minimal cost.

Technical and economic indicators

Technical and economic indicators
  • Land area - 0.5983 ha.
  • The built-up area is 0.1395 ha.
  • The total area of the object is 18 010 sq.m.
  • Construction volume - 89170 cubic meters.
  • The upper elevation of the object is 35.0 m.
  • The number of above-ground floors - 10 floors.
  • The number of underground floors - 10 floors.
  • Total number of rooms - 251 pcs.
  • Restaurant with 90 seats - 910 sq.m.
  • The number of aboveground parking spaces - 30 m/m
  • The number of underground parking spaces is 45 m/m.

Public areas

Functional of LLC “UNION” at the facility

Project management:
  • development of roadmaps and project implementation plans;
  • organization and holding of tenders to attract performers;
  • control of the technical part of contractual agreements, control over the fulfillment by contractors of contractual obligations;
  • cost-control (control and cost management);
  • overall coordination of the project participants;
  • representation of the interests of the Developer (Investor) at all stages of the project.
Technical Customer
Preparation of initial permits, all necessary approvals, a properly organized construction process and commissioning of an object.
The company Union has carried out a full range of design services, ranging from the collection of technical conditions, to conducting architectural supervision of the construction.

Layout of apartments


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